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T&J Bioengineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Paving the way for a data-driven bioindustry

Founded in 2012, T&J Bioengineering has become the leading high-throughput parallel bioreactor systems provider in China. As of June 2022, the company has 3000+ units in operation across China, predominantly in research labs as well as in production plants where automation features are obligatory.

T&J has three facilities in Shanghai and Shenzhen and employs over 100 full-time staff. The Shanghai factories design and manufacture glass and steel bench-top systems as well as GMP-compliant pressure vessels (up to 20,000 Liters). T&J opened its new site in Shenzhen, China's silicon valley, focusing on developing cutting-edge process analytical technologies including biosensors, software, and automation.

CloudReady is the 6th generation of T&J's main product line, the Minibox series. Launched at the end of 2021, CloudReady has already been adopted by Institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as biotech companies such as Bluepha, among others. With its advanced integrated software and hardware, CloudReady has drastically accelerated its users' R&D processes.

The collaboration between TJX and T&J is the result of T&J's effort to eXplore the market beyond China, hence the letters TJ and X in the name. For now, our focus is on the latest and greatest, CloudReady system. However, if you are interested in the other T&J products and services, we are happy to relay your messages to T&J. 

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