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Next generation bioprocessing

With a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation, TJX aims to empower emerging enterprises by making the most advanced tools readily accessible. These cost-effective solutions promise to revolutionize synthetic biology research and development, enabling smaller companies and startups to effectively compete at the forefront of the industry.

ATOM HT Microbioreactors

ATOM HT microbioreactor

Real stirred tanks at the mL scale

Boasting 24 fully independently-controlled miniature reactors, meticulously scaled down from production-scale stirred tanks guided by CFD simulations, the system is designed to streamline the transition from experimentation to full-scale production.

D2MS Compatibility level: Native Pro

QuickFlow HT Auto Sampler

Beautifully simple, simply beautiful.

A compact automatic liquid sampling device, designed to deliver the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in automatic sampling for bench-scale process development with 4 independent channels.

D2MS Compatibility level: All

QuickFlow HT Autosampler

mini wave Rocking Incubator

mini-wave rocking incubator

High-throughput suspension cell culture at the mL scale

Tailored for suspension cell or organoid culture in the early process development stage of cell and gene therapy (CGT). 16 independently controlled stepper motors provides researchers with the flexibility to experiment different shear conditions to optimize cell growth or organoid formation.

D2MS Compatibility level: Native Pro

Intelli-Ferm A Gen 3

Unparalleled flexibility and connectivity

The Intelli-Ferm A G3 marks a notable advancement from TJX's legacy bench-top fermenters. it is now fully integrated with D2MS Pro software, unlocking all the advanced features including live video streaming for remote monitoring and control, while offering significantly larger working volumes ranging from 3L to 20L.

D2MS Compatibility level: Native Pro

Intelli-Ferm A Benchtop bioreactor
Intelli-Ferm C Lab Pilot bioreactors

Intelli-Ferm C Series

From lab pilot to small scale production

Ready for the next scale? Want to give your beloved cells some high-pressure treatment? How about automated CIP and SIP? Data generated from our C series stainless steel fermenters surely can convince your investors that your process is scalable.

D2MS Compatibility level: Native Basic

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