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Ready for the next scale?

We are ready, too! T&J's portfolio offers a comprehensive range of bench-top bioreactors with a capacity ranging from 3 L to 20 L, as well as GMP-grade stainless steel vessels up to 20,000 L. Whether it is for tech transfer or sample production for regulatory approval, we have got you covered.

intelli-Ferm mini 2023.png

Intelli-Ferm mini

A low-key powerhouse

Designed to have a smaller footprint and a lower height compared to traditional bioreactors. This compact design allows for greater flexibility and can help accelerate the time to market.

Intelli-Ferm A

Ace your unique requirements

Designed to meet your unique process requirements with precision and accuracy, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Intelli-Ferm A G2.jpg
intelli-ferm B.jpg

Intelli-Ferm B

Be resourceful with dual-core bioprocessing

Who needs a Digital Twin if you have a physical twin? Intelli-Ferm B is ideal for duplicate experiments and single-factor deviation studies, or, simply double your throughput.

Intelli-Ferm C/D

From lab-pilot to production

Vaccines, antibodies, enzymes, whatever your product is. Our stainless steel series support you from scaling-up studies to small-scale product and all the way to commercial deployment.

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