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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our product? We'd love to hear them, feel free to send us emails, connect on LinkedIn, or give us a call. Or, see if your question is already answered below!


Q: Does your software connects to a remote server and send data to it?

A: No. The entire system is contained within your lab by default. If you want to access the data remotely, your own IT department or trusted service provider can set up secure VPN or port forwarding for you.

Q: Does your system needs internet connection to work?

A: No. The entire system runs on an isolated LAN and does not connect directly to the internet. If you want to access them outside the LAN, ask your IT department to set up a secure gateway with firewall.

Q: How many reactors can a single computer control?

A: Practically unlimited. We use a flexible distributed control architecture where the database, data logger and user program can be deployed to different hardware. However, for every 8 reactors, you may want an operator station for convenience.

Q: Does you software support user access control?

A: Absolutely. We have 7 levels of built-in access control, and a Strict mode as well as a Sloppy mode of requirements to meet you specific needs.

Q: Does you control software support 'cascade'?

A: Absolutely. Actually, we have something much better. We call it "5-point nonlinear controller output scaling" with an intuitive dynamic graphical interface to assist you to set up the complicated control strategies. For more information, check out this post.

Q: Does you control software support exponential feeding?

A: Absolutely. In addition to that, we also support time-series based feeding which can be triggered by certain events, e.g., DO spike, pH spike. You can do even more complicated feeding using our AI-assisted UDF (user-defined functions).

Q: Does you control software support export to CSV files?

A: Absolutely. You can also customize the parameters you want to include in the report, select the time interval, etc. We can also export PDF reports. However, we strongly recommend taking advantage of our data access APIs.


Q: Where do I get the probes?

A: We encourage you to get them from your local vendors. We support most main stream probes. Check with us before you buy.

Q: Do I have to use your computer?

A: Absolutely not. We prefer not to ship anything you can get locally.

Q: What if I need spare parts or replacement parts?

A: We stock those parts in our factory in Shanghai. Shipping to major areas in the world by DHL normally only take 3 days. You will be surprised how fast it is. Or, as we use mostly off-the-shelf parts to build our systems, you probably can get them from your local vendors as well.

Q: Can I get backup vessels?

A: Of course. Include those in your order or ask us for them later.

Q: Do you have vent gas analyzers (or biomass probes)?

A: We don't make or sell them, but we can integrate any vent gas analyzer of your choice.

Q: Do your reactors have load cells (balances)?

A: Yes, make sure you include them in your order as retro-fitting is not always possible due to our compact design.

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