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D2MS April 2022 Update (V2.6.6)

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

This update includes the following new features.

  1. Export batch report as beautifully-formatted PDF files.

  2. Enhanced audit trial support, including exporting Audit Trail as PDF reports. (not applicable to the Community edition)

  3. A data validation tool that can verify if CSV or PDF reports have been altered outside D2MS.

  4. A vertical cursor is added to data inspection windows, including the main OAJ window, historical data viewer and the batch comparison window.

Check out some of the new features

To download the updated packages, please follow the link below.

If Google Drive is not available in your region, please visit our main release site for more information, or contact us directly.

As usual, the update comes with a database patch (D2MS Updater and an updated version of the main program OAJ. Download the Updater, unzip it to your computer and double-click to run the executable file. Then, overwrite the existing OAJ.exe with the updated version, and combine the "data" folder.

04/26/2022 V2.6.7 Further Polishing:

Download the zip file, run D2MS Updater V2.6.5.exe. Then replace OAJ.exe with the updated version.

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2 comentarios

A Malm
A Malm
14 oct 2022

Is process control data shared with the bioreactor manufacturer, or solely retained by the system owner?

Me gusta
Bruce Li
Bruce Li
14 oct 2022
Contestando a

By default, the data only exists in the end-user's lab, unless the customer wants to access the data from outside, in which case, a gateway and firewall need to be set up. Please see the network diagram on the CloudReady intro page

Me gusta
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