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Build Your Private Cloud-Connected Lab

for cell culture and microbial fermentations


A pioneer in bioreactor innovations

T&J Bioengineering Co. Ltd. is partnering with TJXBIO to bring its CloudReady high-throughput bioreactor platform to the international market. Backed by Sequoia China, T&J has over a decade of know-how in designing and manufacturing mini- and micro-scale bioreactors for both microbial fermentation and cell culture that leverage cutting-edge technologies to enable game-changing business models in the biotech industry.  Read more about T&J here. TJXBIO, headquatered in Singapore, a thriving biotech innovation center, will provide on-site pre- and after-sales services and technical support to T&J's global customers through our local partners.

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A "Cloud-Ready" bioreactor as a service turn-key solution

Our high-throughput parallel-bioreactor platform is a complete solution to empower bioprocess engineers and scientists to conduct research and development effectively and efficiently. With its scalable architecture, the system can be configured to suit the needs of both small teams and gigantic research institutions. The software integrates distributed control system (DCS) functionalities with advanced Lab Information Management System (LIMS) such as project management, user management, data management, etc., as well as remote control and monitoring capabilities including a dedicated webcam for each vessel. This combined hardware and software solution enables the Bioreactor as a Service (BaaS) business model. For large organizations, BaaS allows resources to be shared across sites and divisions more effectively.   


A Versatile Platform

The same platform can be configured for both microbial fermentation and mammalian cell cultures by changing the number and type of mass flow controllers (MFCs) and impellers. It is also fully compatible with our ENDURA®  single-use vessels.

Device and Data Management System (D2MS) Concept


Device and Data Management System

D2MS runs at the supervisory-control layer and communicates with industry-grade PLCs at the regulatory control layer. It is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of automated high-throughput operations. For example, you can change the setpoints of tens or hundreds of reactors at once, simply by selecting multiple reactors, and that is just the "tip of the iceberg". We understand it is a big decision to invest in such an advanced system like CloudReady technology, so for a limited time, we will provide a free version of D2MS for everybody to try.

Our Clients Say

TJX promptly delivered technical evaluation bioreactors just a month after our request. We were genuinely impressed by the reactors’ quality and features, especially considering their competitive pricing. The TJX team has provided us with exceptional customer support, responding within minutes and ensuring that no issue remained unresolved for more than a few hours. They were also highly responsive to implementing both hardware and software improvements, with software enhancements completed within weeks. We are exceedingly satisfied with TJX’s bioreactors and their outstanding customer support, and we decided to purchase their system. Our experience with TJX has been a refreshing change compared to our interactions with the larger established bioreactor manufacturers.

Corentin Moevus

Senior Scientist, Kingdom Supercultures, NY


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